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The EORG utilizes the research infrastructure of the Kenneth A. Krackow, MD Orthopedic Research Laboratory located on the south campus of the University at Buffalo. This multi-functional research facility is dedicated to the advancement of orthopaedic basic science principles and methodologies. The laboratory infrastructure includes a wide array of standard laboratory equipment, customized test systems, and specialized facilities.

Biomaterials Infrastructure:

  • Standard equipped eukaryotic cell culture facility

  • Standard equipped microbiological lab facility

  • Metallographic sample preparation equipment

  • Electronics design, simulation, and prototyping equipment

  • Gamry 16 channel multEchem potentiostat system

  • CH Instruments 920D Scanning electrochemical microscopy

  • Zeiss Axio Examiner Z1 fixed-stage, upright, epi-fluorescence microscope

  • Electrochemically-controlled, live-cell microscopy system

  • Variety of custom test chambers and systems to characterize the electrochemical properties and biocompatibility of metallic biomaterials

Biomechanics Infrastructure:

  • Dissection suite with microsurgery station and mini c-arm fluoroscopy

  • Machine shop for fabrication of custom test devices and systems

  • MTS 858 Mini Bionix servo-hydraulic load frame

  • Bose 3200 electromagnetic load frame

  • GOM ARAMIS 3D Digital Image Correlation system

  • Tekscan thin film pressure mapping system

  • Optotrak 3020 motion capture system

  • Orthopaedic rotational cutter analysis system

  • Handheld instrumented reaming system

  • Glenoid rocking-horse loosening test system

  • Variety of grips, fixtures, sensors, and custom test systems

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